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Fathom Talent Group represents businesses primarily within the tech and online media industries across Canada. We help you deal with a KEY corporate challenge – finding strong talent and helping retain them. We successfully represent your interests with an approach that’s focused, efficient and highly cost-effective.

Here's why you should talk to us:

We talk to everyone in the industry.
That’s all we do.

As recruiters, we spend all day combing through Linkedin and talking to multiple people. We hear about trends in the industry i.e. what companies are going through problems; what companies are paying for talent; what hot profiles look like; what is the reason why candidates are happy or unhappy; why clients are having trouble finding talent.  

You name it – we hear it. That is why you use us – we have a beat on the street while you can concentrate on your day to day job. We’re experts in our field. We’re here to resolve your talent issues — and get the best possible results as fast as possible. For us, that’s the key to delivering high-quality, cost-effective service — and optimum outcomes.

Coffee Talks

We see things differently than other professionals.

Our expertise goes beyond recruiting. We’re focused on constantly refining our knowledge of the industry. We have the knowledge and experience to see talent spotting and securing talent differently from other HR professionals. 

We ensure that the proper vetting is in place from day one so we don’t waste time and make sure to find the right fit – both from a culture perspective as well as hard skills. And if we ultimately represent you in the market, we can use that solid foundation to make a very persuasive case as to why someone would want to join your organization.


We are an extension of your HR

We’ll treat your case like it’s our own. Our job is to think about your openings a lot — so you can think about it a lot less. In fact, we’ll probably mull it over more than we’d care to admit. When our spouses ask us what we are thinking about and we say, “Nothing,” there’s a good chance we’ll actually be thinking about creative strategies to help find you good people.

Me and my film crew were setting up for a basic interview. Before the interviewee sat down for the camera, the interviewer went over some questions with him. They proceeded to bounce ideas off of each other and had an energetic brainstorm.

We’re addicted to getting great results.

We help our clients find top talent favourably and efficiently. That’s all we care about. And that’s how we’ve earned a reputation for getting the job done. We’re focused, driven, nimble, entrepreneurial and obsessed with delivering quality service — just like a lot of our clients.

Who We Are

Our team brings extensive professional experience to assist businesses with their diverse needs. Our passion for helping our clients is what unites us. We can't wait to work with you.

What our clients say
What some recent clients say about their experience with Fathom Talent Group

And feel free to add anything about your experience with us!

Lisa placed me at AKN in April of 2013. During this process she was extremely professional but was also highly personable and she took the time to not only know my background but to also to know me as a person and what type of fit I was looking for. This ensured my successful integration into the company. I would highly recommend Lisa to any sales professionals who are looking for new roles and to growing innovative companies looking for highly talented individuals.

Channel Sales Manager - Riverbed
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Lisa is, without a doubt, the most professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy recruiter I've ever worked with. Every position for which she has put me forward was of of interest to me and represented a great step forward in my career. She leveraged both her existing network relationships via LinkedIn and her deep knowledge of the B2B Software industry to bring value to all my interactions with her. She placed me in my current role and I will continue to recommend her to colleagues/peers looking to move onwards and upwards.

Founder and CEO, Fair Market BarnExperienced Sales and Marketing Professional
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Lisa is one of the best recruiters that I have worked with over the years. Her knowledge of the Information and Communications Technology industry is very strong which means she has a terrific grasp on where to source the best candidates. Her thoroughness is impeccable - she puts a lot of effort into screening candidates by performing extensive reference checking and she provides a thoughtful analysis of each candidate before presenting them. I would highly recommend Lisa to any organization looking to bolster their sales and marketing teams with top talent - Lisa will get the job done efficiently and expeditiously

SVP Enterprise Sales at Frontier Communications
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Lisa is one of the best recruiter that I have ever worked with. She is expert in her domain of assessing talent with hiring. Dedicated, intelligent and astute are words that would describe Lisa.

Senior Executive Digital, Advisor and Board Director
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Working with Lisa and her team is not only a pleasure but always delivers strong and well qualified candidates. We continue to work with Lisa as we scale our business internationally.

Head of Industry, Media Platforms at Google
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I have had the opportunity to work with Lisa over a number of years. She is a true professional who excels in her work. Lisa is personable, understands business and has a thorough recognition of her customer's needs. She is actively involved in all her searches and ensures she not only finds the best calibre of talent but also the right fit. She is high on my go-to contacts for recruitment and always delivers strong results. I am always happy to refer Lisa to candidates and hiring organization

Fathom Group is on the cutting edge of taking advantage of social media and linked - Lisa's firm delivers true value b/c they use tools that enable her firm to be successful in driving results and finding excellent talent in an industry that is crowded and hard to locate. She is a strong at backdoor referencing and interviewing so her clients avoid making wrong decisions which can be costly. She is entrepreneurial at heart and someone you can trust to deliver results but always acting ethically, thoroughly and quickly

I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa who, as an advisor, was instrumental in charting a career path that best suited my aspirations and skill sets. Lisa is a consummate sales professional with an intuitive ability to align a candidates values and skills with that of the clients that she services.

Senior Director, Strategic Business at Encircle
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Lisa is a true professional. Sales recruiting can be a challenging process, but Lisa takes the time to understand the client’s needs, make adjustment when necessary, and most importantly delivers great results. I trust and value her opinion as she has an excellent grasp of hiring sales individuals and I look forward to working with her on future hiring needs.

AVP Sales , Netsuite
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Lisa has an excellent list of credentials and is adept at using her networking and social media skills to connect with her clients and potential candidates. She's able to quickly focus on crucial client requirements and match them with the right candidates.

Senior Account Executive, Financial Services Software & Services, Detica
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I have known Lisa for many years now and have found her to be a valuable recruitment partner. Hiring salespeople can be a challenging process but with Lisa’s large inventory of candidates, her understanding of sales roles and her ability to match the right skills and personality with the job requirement, we have been able to interview quality candidates that have resulted in very good hires for our organization. Lisa presents her candidates honestly and works hard to find the “right fit” for her clients. I highly recommend Lisa to help you build or grow your sales organization

Consultative & Solution Sales - Channel Partnerships - Sales Leadership
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I have no hesitation writing a recommendation for Lisa. Lisa's ability to move quickly from an intake interview to showing results on a search never ceases to amaze. Her talent for sourcing strong, interesting candidates for us is almost as incredible as her turn around time. 

We have been really happy with the hires we have made and with Lisa's results orientation, professionalism and ability to think outside of the box to gain us great candidate

Vice President, Human Resources at OANDA (Canada) Corporation ULC
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I have worked Lisa in the online media space in different capacities since 2008 - she has always been one to give you the straight goods b/c she does her homework and tries to give you the good, bad and the ugly so you are making an informed decision when contemplating a new opportunity.

CEO Prime Datalytics
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I've worked with Lisa in more than one organization and she always ensures that she understands the value that she and her team needs to bring to the table, the details of what we need and when we need them. she is a very good communicator, well organized and most importantly brings in real results. Ie candidates and new employees that add value to our company.

A Street Savvy Sales Leader, Author, Speaker, Consultant and Coach to CEO's, Founders, and Sales Managers/Leaders
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My experience utilizing the recruiting services of Lisa Cullingworth and Fathom Group has been extremely positive. I first met Lisa when she recruited me into a position at Allstream several years ago, and since have used her company to fill several positions within my team. Lisa's extensive network enables her to attract highly skilled candidates, her ability to understand the required qualifications for success makes her prescreening extremely effective, and her work ethic is absolutely impressive. I highly recommend the services of Fathom Group

Experienced Sales and Business Development Executive
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I had an exceptional experience working with Lisa. I was referred to her through an acquaintance and I really appreciated how thorough she was. She didn't start working on my behalf until we went through a detailed phone interview, AND had an in-person meeting. From my experience, this was a HUGE differentiator. Her knowledge of the company where she placed me for a great sales position was remarkable, and the speed of the process was amazing! Definitely work with Lisa Cullingworth!!

I've worked with Lisa for several opportunities and she has consistently brought forward quality contacts - she does an excellent job prequalifying candidates prior to presenting them to us, and her assessments of candidates are balanced and are not candy-coated. She also is highly respectful of the recruiting process and communication channels we define for the process.

Director of Presales at SAS
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Lisa is an excellent executive recruiter - she takes the time to understand your business, goals and strategy. Lisa's keen hard work and diligence is evident through her excellent track record at SAS, she's connected us with many high quality successful sales pros. I highly recommend Lisa. Thank you Lisa - I look forward to working with you in the future.

Enterprise Software Leader
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Lisa is a thorough professnal who does her homework and has a strong trusted network that assists her in getting the right talent to the right role. She has an excellent EQ that allows her to read people as they truly are, and I recommend using her talents whenever you are looking for the right person for the job.

Sales Leader - Indeed
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I have worked with Lisa and The Fathom Group for several years. She has been the person that I go to when I have resourcing needs or require industry advice or consulting. Lisa and her staff are very professional and experienced. Her knowledge of the market as well as industry practices is extremely valuable. She works very hard to meet her clients expectations and I have always been impressed with her thoroughness. I also appreciate her honesty and integrity. I will definatley continue to use Lisa and would highly recommend her

Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Soroc
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I have worked with Lisa and The Fathom Group for several years. She has been the person that I go to when I have resourcing needs or require industry advice or consulting.
Lisa and her staff are very professional and experienced. Her knowledge of the market as well as industry practices is extremely valuable. She works very hard to meet her clients expectations and I have always been impressed with her thoroughness.
I also appreciate her honesty and integrity. I will definatley continue to use Lisa and would highly recommend her

National Practice Leader - Digital Transformation at Grant Thornton LLP
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I have worked with Lisa many times as both a candidate and as a hiring manager. Her expertise and ability to source extremely strong talent is truly impressive. She listens to the needs of the business and translates that into the skills required. In every instance she has brought forward top talent that not only meets the requirements but exceeds them. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to any firm looking to add talent

Decisive Leader focused on Turnaround and Growth Scenarios
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I have worked with Lisa for 10 years now, her vast network of contacts as well as the time and effort she puts in to understanding the needs of our business have led us to considerable success. Lisa's focus on the reference process have also been paramount in helping avoid bad hires and the expense this brings.

Vice President Sales at Cisco
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It is an enormous pleasure to be able to recommend Lisa and the Fathom Group. Lisa delivers results quickly and effectively, bringing sensitivity and empathy to every project. She respects the time of all involved and is able to quickly get to the heart of what is required. She has solved a myriad of challenging hires for me over the years and I continue to work with Lisa regardless of the industry or position I am seeking to fill

Education and Travel Specialist – CEO Blyth Academy
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I had the opportunity to work with many search organizations in the IT industry over 25 years. Lisa has always put a personal touch to every work we did together. Lisa and her organization bring a profound understanding of the clients and candidates relationship. She has dedicated strong commitment to deliver perfect candidates for the needs identified. Not only she's has a high level of ethic, it's a pleasure to interact with Lisa and her team on specific projects. You would not regret using Lisa for your needs. Give it a try - you have nothing to lose! Good selling 

President - Benchmark
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I have known Lisa for over 16 years having worked with her and then on the client side retaining her for executive search work. Lisa is passionate about everything she does. Her professional style and focused approach delivers the results every time. I would highly recommend you talk with Lisa about any recruitment requirements you are looking to fill. I know I will! 

Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

Managing Partner at Salient Finance Corporation
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Lisa is a true executive search professional and has made a successful career out of building shareholder value for the clients she serves. She possess relentless determination in attracting and delivering world class executive talent that clients deemed "untouchable". Clients often referred to her as their "secret weapon" in talent acquisition. She is one of the few search professionals that truly cares as much about the candidate experience as the client experience and as such, promotes employer branding. Away from work (which is very rare) Lisa travels the globe embracing culture, traditions and people which have awarded her a rare perspective and style in dealing with executives internationally. I have met very few people who do not know Lisa and all that do, are happy that she calls Toronto her home

Cannabis Industry Leader
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